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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good thursday morning, it's 4:30 i'm stam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. be careful on the roads out there as more students are headed back to school. this morning, the san jose police department will have extra patrols around schools as part of operation safe passage. eight bay area school districts are returning to class this morning in the east bay, expect a busy commute. uc berkeley is also back in session and hayward, the million father march is taking place. the 30 school sites will welcome kids and their fathers to the
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first day of class. it's national event designed to allow father to demonstrate their commitment by walking kids to school. it's called the million father march, it is open to everyone. >> nondiscriminatory there. you can be a father, don't have to be a father. what is your back to school forecast? we turn to christina loren for the answer. >> i think a lot of people are wondering what the weekend is going to look like at this point, afterall, we've made it to friday eve. temperatures today, little ones back to school, you're headed off to walk, comfortable. you get plenty of low cloud cover, yesterday, spectacular conditions, today adding three to five dreefz warming to your highs. 79 for the east shore. meanwhile a case of the upper 60s in san francisco for today. things are going to change. we'll talk all about your microclimate in moments. first, i want to say good morning to mike.
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good morning, christina, there's always something going on around the bay, right? san jose moving smoothly at 101, in fact the map over all the south bay speeds are moving nicely. construction 280 over there at 880, and 880 at steven's creek boulevard. following the bigger issue northbound 85 at steven's creek boulevard. now all lanes reported clear. and the activity should be clearing up completely from the area, no slowing just yet, but again that's the big issue. easier flow towards the bay bridge, smooth flow across from the oakland side into san francisco and the golden gate bridge a clear look as well in the north bay and the city by the bay, back to you. 4:32, now a developing story in the east bay. police in martinez are looking for a gunman who robbed two men inside. it happened last night as they were leaving a business a few blocks away from martinez junior high. police say the gunman jumped in
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through the back door, order the driver to keep driving and pistol whipped the passenger. about ten minutes later, the gunman jumped out. while the victims drove away, the suspect shot at them hitting the car twice. neither men were hurt by that gunfire. all new this morning, dozens of people lost nearly everything when a fire that started in an oakland apartment complex just kept spreading. the fire started late last night outside of a two story complex near 23rd street and international boulevard. flames spread to another building and took down nearby powerlines. crews called for backup three times before they were finally able to distinguish the flames. >> everybody was out. fire investigator is on scene, we're finding the cause of the fire now. >> in all, 35 people have to find somewhere else to stay because their units are too damaged to return too to.
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crews are in the process of recovering the body of a bay area elementary school teacher who died in a hiking accident. rescue crews discovered the body of gregory monk last night in the king's canyon national park. they believe he fell in steep rocky terrain, but the accident is still under investigation. he left nearly two weeks ago to go hiking along. he was a popular teacher in fremont. 46-year-old was an experienced hike and friends say he shared his love of nature with his students. woman arrested in connection with to her niece's death will face a judge today. lorsha gauge left her niece to get the little girl's twin brother. the girl was struck by a driver, hit-and-run driver. it happened on friday night on mission street. gauge is facing charges of felony child endangerment. meanwhile police are still looking for that hit-and-run driver. it is 4:34, livermore police
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are warning female walkers and joggers to be on alert after someone attacked a 16-year-old girl. she was walking last weekend when a man grabbed her. she managed to escape and call police. no one's been arrested and police have not said if e they have a suspect in mind. now a developing story only six people were arrested overnight in ferguson, missouri. progress here down sharply from the 47 the night before. missouri highway patrol captain ron johnson said it was a good night in ferguson with only one minor incident in which somebody threw a bottle at a police officer. there were no shots fired, no tear gas or homemade bombs. he said his troopers are committed to not only keeping ferguson safe, but making a better place. he told a story about several troopers who used their money to buy a basketball net and a ball, on a street that was once the center of violent pretss. >> they wanted him to a net and a basketball. those troopers drove off, the
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children were playing basketball. that is a true meaning of community policing. >> some encouraging news finally from ferguson, johnson also thanked members of the community who stepped forward and urged neighbors to remain peaceful. coming up after 5:00, northbound's jay gray will have a live report about eric hold ear visit to ferguson. sacramento doctors say it'll be a couple days before a patient tests positive for ebola. officials say the patient travelled to west africa and returned to the u.s. now they're reaching out to anyone who may have come in contact with a patient who is now in isolation. in the meantime, another man quarantined himself inside his home after he returned from liberia. san jose polices are about to receive some much needed help. today 25 rekrults will graduates -- recruits will graduate from an academy. the officers will help police
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officers will with lower priority calls. they will not make arrests or carry guns. instead, they'll take reports and carry pepper spray. >> we designed this whole program so that we are sending them into safe situations. >> we've had self-defense courses and also training in pepper spray. >> the department is struggling to hire new officers because of issues surrounding pay disability and pensions. those issues have shrunk the force from 1400 officers in 2008 at its peak to about 900 personnel right now. 4:37 right now, i want to check the forecast, inching closer to the weekend, christina. >> oh and it's going to be really nice, good morning, laura, sam, everybody at home. temperatures right now really mild out there. we're at 64 degrees for example in oakland, 60 in concord, and 61 degrees to kick off the day in beautiful san jose. now as we get into the afternoon, basically a repeat of yesterday, with a little bit more heat. we're going to tack on about three to five degrees of warmth to your highs today.
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we're not going to see as strong of an onshore flow. the natural ac will be cut in half from yet. so, 84 degrees in the south bay. that temperature coming up in the upper 70s we had yesterday. peninsula is at 80 degrees. 68 degrees in san francisco. gorgeous conditions in the north bay today. 84 degrees for you. what about 72 degrees, room temperature later on this afternoon. we are looking at a gorgeous day in the tri-valley. 88 degrees, no 90s just yet, but they are in the forecast. we'll talk about that heat, it's going to come on strong next week, we like to go over this morning. first check your drive, say good morning to a dad. kid back at school yet? >> not just yet, but the morning forecast is critical this morning. eastbound away from us, taillights heading towards us still out of the altamont
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building just a tad. no slowing just yet. fremont look shows you 880 past the truck scales and easy drive here as well. southbound with the headlights and truck scales are on the right. a warren avenue reopened with that bart project over on k.o. road. still there's a little bit of reroute towards 880, keep that in mind, good option for you. looking through the, across the bay for the san mateo bridge. there we are, 92 westbound high-rise towards 101, easy flow of traffic. we'll get a look at the bay bridge as well with earlier we saw low clouds hovering around. we can see the lights across the span into and out of san francisco. no delays here or across the golden gate, back to you. >> that's a pretty shot. thanks a lot. 4:39, "today in the bay" team member that's getting ready to take on the ice bucket challenge. where you can see it live. >> you mean other than yours truly who did it here yesterday. bank of america gets ready to
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>> our country. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people, we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. >> in the same gruesome video that showed the death, they threatened to kill another prisoner if president obama doesn't stop air straks. bank of america reached a
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record $17 billion settlement over its mortgage crisis. the bank will pay $10 billion in cash and brvd seven billion more in consumer relief. this follows an investigation into mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 financial crisis. it is the largest ever reached between the u.s. and a single company. for a check of the markets this morning, let's check in with hampton pearson who is live, how does this thursday morning find you, hampton? >> how you doing, sam? we have futures pointing low they are morning. this is the market of course, near record level. today we are going to get data on jobs, manufacturing, housing, and economic indicators. stocks finished mixed on wednesday dow closing at 16979, nasdaq closing at 4526. meanwhile, a computer virus could have caused a data breach at some 51 ups stores.
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the shipper and logistics company says names, credit and debit card numbers from about 100,000 transactions between january 20th through august 11th could be at risk. business headlines for the day ahead, have a great one. >> thanks, appreciate it. 4:45 right now on your thursday morning. >> that's right, time to check on in the forecast. >> it is going to be nice out there for today. we've been getting spoiled and today, little bit warmer, not as much of an on shore flow, nonetheless, hitting average temperatures for this time of year, just about everywhere. i want to show you the low clouds this morning as they do span all the way inland, all the way through the delta. this is going to stay fast though, faster than yesterday by about 8:00 to 9:00, expecting clear conditions over your local valley spots. that will lead to a warmer day. today nice and mild, upper 50s to low 60s everywhere. we are going to end up in the mid-80s today in the south bay. not a bad day for us here.
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84 degrees. 79 on the east shore. 68 in san francisco and 80 degrees is the forecasted high up in the north bay. so we are just days away from the important weekend at this point. i want to show you what we can expect. help you make the plans indoors or outdoors, it's going to be nice. starting tomorrow, low 80s coming your way. up in the north bay, what a fantastic weekend to hit wine country with the low 80s coming your way. little more humidity, otherwise, temperatures really nice on the east shore, 70 degrees for friday, up to 71 on saturday. the warmest day, best beach day is looking like sunday. gorgeous temperatures, not only out there on the sand, take a look at where your water temperatures are as winds are shifting again, we have that mild pattern. 64 degrees offshore in pacifica. it's warmer in the water in pacifica right now than it is on land. as we head stlout the next couple of days, temperatures stay steady, boost up the humidity for the next couple of days, but not too bad.
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you may notice it by sunday. that's when it's going to impact or weather here. overalling with standard all the way across the board, no extremes and we like it that way. back to you. >> thanks so much, christina. unlikely missed the dumping buckets of icy water on their heads. as viral as the ice bucket challenge is, is it helping als? the short answer is yes. the chairman and board of director of the golden west chapter of the als association says this time last year the nonprofit has raised $1.7 million. this year, 31.5 million. its money doctors need to study the disease. >> als is association didn't invent the bucket challenge, but we have become its benefactor, and we're grateful to it. >> its been a big boost, especially now when nonprofits are having a tough time raising money. >> as long as we are on the topic of watching former
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president bush get ice bucket challenged, look who we have here. christina loren along with robert honda, our star reporter there challenged by the san jose giants. minor league baseball team called out both of them challenging the pair to bucket of ice water on each other's head. we are all waiting for this one. excited for those of us to follow. christina will not be alone, this is all part of a fundraiser for the als emergency treatment fund. fans at tonight's game will have the chance to bid on personally dousing a giant's player. if all the players get a bid, the team mascot will also be taking part. it's just really so much, i can sense this building kind of thing. everyone can stand behind this. >> and you duh it yesterday too. >> i did it yesterday, i don't know if they're graced with that video. >> i'm going to look it up. >> good luck. the latest celebrities actually did it on national
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television. take a look at what happened on the tonight show. >> here at the tonight show, we're all about making the impossible, possible, ladies and gentlemen, lindsey lohan. >> and there she goes. lindsey lohan allowing tonight host jimmy fallon to dump a bucket of ice water on her headed in front of a national televised audience. as part of that deal she challenged three other children. jared letto, and prince harry. >> i would say letto. >> i don't know, that doesn't make it right. >> prince harry, i don't know about that one. >> it's cold. 4:49 right now, field troubles. new levi stadium dealing with sod issues. what the team told us late last night. sod issues. all right, none of that in the north bay. we're looking at san rafael, smooth drive past the truck scales here. update on the crash we were
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talking about in cupertino coming up.
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you're watch ugh "today in the bay." hi my name is julie howard, principal at robert sander's elementary school. myself and all of our fabulous teachers want to the welcome our students to the 2014-'15 school year. >> this time of year makes me want to be a teacher.
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i think it's so much fun. what a great job. live look at san jose this morning and welcome back to school from principal julie howard at robert sanders's elementary. prince pam howard tells us she's been watching our welcome back videos and was excited from hear from "today in the bay." to all the students headed back this morning, off great day. >> and quick shoutout to the teachers too about such an influence in our lives. couldn't do a more important job. double header of sorts. >> the team is going to finish the game, you remember this, it was call of a recall of tarpgate. they cannot properly cover the infield leading to unplayable conditions. in a rare ruling, the league decided the cubs were at fault and the game will pick back up with the cubs leading 2-0. first pitch is at 2:00. game three will start three hours after that. the giants bats were alive yesterday during that game knocking it eight runs to beat the cubs and get redemption.
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they take that game by a count of 8-3. as for the a's, they lost, sorry team, i would know. 8-5 yesterday. team is off today. >> yeah, little early for that. meanwhile the ground crew at levi stadium will be out on the field today, they're trying to get it game ready. jim harbaugh ordered his players off the field during yesterday's practice because of poor and unsafe field conditions. divots kept coming up and me players were losing their footing on the four month old sod. 49ers issued a statement saying they have determined the appropriate measures necessary to have the field ready for sunday, and look forward to hosting the san diego chargers. >> got to have traction if you want to get anywhere. ask anybody who knows stuff about moving back and forth like our traffic reporter, mike inouye. thank you very much, you ought to watch those as well. the penny test. the head can be visible.
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take it to a tire shop, i'm not an expert. over here, the effects of the eddie, no problem here. 101 through palo alto. this is north of the university. northbound with the tail lights away from us. crash northboundle 5 at steven's creek boulevard. that is cleared from the reports without any slowing showing up over the last half hour. easy drive there. typical road crew, construction crew around 880. just south of the shot we showed you. embarcadero down towards mountain view. continuing overnight through there. the tri-valley we do have your slower drive just developing, highway 84, coming through the city of livermore out of pleasant pleasanton. live look outside we'll show you a couple spots as well. build here for oakland just a tad bit, and you're at the limit, more cars north and southbound, south with the headlights for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge toll plaza. stacking up for a little bit of
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time, we do look like we have all the cash lanes open now for the morning commute. overnight one of the lanes off to the left was closed. we don't need to staff it fully, but getting ready, back to you. >> thank you very much. nearly a year after a mother was run over in the san francisco park by a city worker, safety improvements are still not complete. police say rec and park worker ran over and killed christie sandmere where she laid in the grass. the department adopted new driving rules two months after the incident, including requiring all trucks to to have what's called a forward moving audible signal. basically they need to drive when they're driving through the park. apparently there was a picture of a city park driving through the park without the alarm. >> it's kind of hard to reck rerate when you're wondering if that's a truck. >> he sent the pictures by saying they had not installed
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the signals in the fleet yet. it's not even scheduled to happen until the beginning of next year. they do point out the truck in the picture was driving did under five miles per hour and on the path as required. 4:57 right now on your thursday morning. one of the doctors quarantined oub because of the ebola virus could be released. coming up in a live report. san bruno explosion of the only thing pge is under investigation for. the latest incident a grand jury is now looking into, next. on august 4th, two unsuspecting men walked in to a mcdonald's and discovered an extraordinary burger with heaps of jalapeños... ...for only two dollars. within minutes, they had also discovered the phenomenon of "economnomnomics" nomnom...
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new this morning, dozens of people are looking for a new place to stay after flames ripped through an apartment complex in the east bay. shocking surprise greeted some east bay commuters as they returned from work last night. five cars catching fire in a bart station parking lot. what investigators have te say -- to say. >> good thursday morning, i'm christina loren, we are going to
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get spoiled again, nice cloudy start. we'll make way to a sunny finish and warmer temperatures. we have changes to tell you about as we dive into your all important weekend. your microclimate forecast is just moments away. clear drive, but now reports of a fire, not a car fire, but a brush fire. this is over in contra costa county. this is affecting your road and possibly the area around it. we'll give you that update coming up. let's take a live look outside, wow, that's a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge there in the distance. look at the lights going on this thursday, august 21st, this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." and a good thursday morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm i'm sam brock. new morning, dozens of people in oakland forced out of their homes overnight as apartments are overcome by smoke and flames. the fire started late last night out of a two story complex near 23rd street and internna


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